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Existing Client Reservations

It’s great to see you again! Click here to request a reservation:

Please do not consider an online reservation scheduled until you have received a call or email response from us to confirm.

Reserve in Advance

In order to offer the highest quality service to all our clients, it is best to make reservations in advance to obtain services for your desired dates. An in-home consultation is required prior to reservations for all new clients.  Short notice reservations will be accepted if space is available.

Please book early for major holidays. While we try to plan ahead for these busy periods, our resources are limited.

Payment Options

We accept Cash or Checks.  Checks should be made payable to
Deb’s Pet Buddies, LLC

New Client Process

Free In-Home Consultation

After you submit your request for a Free In-Home Consultation at right, we will email you a link to register online and make your reservation.  Once you have completed the online registration, we will contact you to schedule a meeting with you and your pets at your home.

  • We will ask questions about your pets’ health, daily routine and habits.
  • We will ask you to show us the location of your pets’ food, supplies, favorite toys, and leashes, as well as the location of cleaning supplies, in case there are any accidents.
  • We will also need to discuss the operation of alarm systems and test two keys to your home.  If you live in a gated community, we ask that you inform your security personnel of the dates that we will be entering your community and home.

Policies and Agreement

At the interview we will also review Deb’s Pet Buddies Policies and complete a Deb’s Pet Buddies Contractual Agreement. Please have the following details ready:

  • Dates of Service including time you are departing and returning.
  • Emergency contact numbers where you can be reached.
  • Contact information for friend or relative who can be contacted in an emergency and has access to your home.
  • Contact numbers of other Service Providers that will visit the home during your absence.
  • Contact information for person designated as your pets’ Guardian.
  • Alarm codes and Alarm Company contact details.
  • Veterinarian’s name, phone number, and address. Deb’s Pet Buddies Vet Authorization Form
  • Medical History of your pets.
  • Set of house keys – 2 copies required.

Ready-Key Program

It is recommended that your keys remain on file with Deb’s Pet Buddies for your convenience in confirming future reservations. With your key on file, we would also be able to care for your pets in an emergency situation such as a last minute trip, or hospitalization of you or a family member.

We take very seriously the responsibility to keep your keys safe and secure. Our clients’ keys are coded with a number only and duplicates are not made without permission from the client. Our safe and secure coding system prevents anyone from linking the key back to the client.

We require two keys to be provided at the initial interview. The provision of a second key ensures that if an emergency arises with your pet care provider, another qualified pet care provider will be able to continue caring for your pets.

If you prefer not to use our Ready-Key Program, a pick-up/drop-off key charge of $10 may apply.

New Client Reservations

We are currently not accepting new clients.

Visit to find a professional pet sitter that services your area.